Come Along For The Ride


Investment Tier 1

We're offering the opportunity to invest in the company through a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (S.A.F.E.) note. Your investment will convert into equity into Get Waggin at a 20% discount. The equity will be calculated and assigned to you during our next valuation.


Qualifications include:

Be an accredited investor

Minimum Investment of $25,000

Maximum Investment of $50,000


*Limited availability

Investment Tier 2

For investors who are not accredited, we are offering a loan investment option. 

Our loan payback terms are 3 years at a 7% compounded interest rate. 

Investment Minimum: $2,500

The investment round will be live from October 15th - December 15th, 2021

Come Along For

Money invested will help us accomplish the following:


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